What I'll Do In Congress 2016-2018

When government is limited to the purpose of securing our natural rights, you are left free to use your talents and abilities to determine your own destiny. When government derives its power from the consent of the governed and respects the distinction between national and local authority, you redeem rightful control over the law making process and rid yourself of the arbitrary rules and regulations imposed by unelected bureaucrats. Through this future focused vision, we can put the federal government back to work for us again and usher in a new birth of freedom and prosperity.

As our community’s Congressman I will promote this future-focused vision through several concrete actions:

  • I will not vote for any bills that increase funding for federal regulatory agencies that impose arbitrary and costly rules and regulations upon the people of these United States.
  • I will write a personal report via my website and social media justifying my decision on every bill that comes to a vote before the House. You deserve to know not only how I decided, but also why.
  • I will not vote for any bill without reading it, for “it will be of little avail to the people that the laws are made by men of their own choice if the laws be so voluminous that they cannot be read, or so incoherent that they cannot be understood.”[i]

In addition, I will also propose the following with your support:

  • Constitutional Amendment limiting Federal Spending and Taxing  

  • Constitutional Amendment imposing term limits on members of Congress
  • Federal statutes that aim to recover Congress’ power to authorize the use of military force

  • Federal statutes reducing federal expenditures on items that the States should fund themselves

  • Federal statutes securing our nation’s borders and promoting pro-American assimilation programs 

  • Federal statutes that provide our nation’s veterans greater freedom and access to private healthcare options

  • Federal statutes that provide for a efficient military that better allocates limited funds to meet the recommendations of our top military commanders

  • Federal statutes requiring fewer taxes from the citizens of each State so they do not have to beg for the money back in the form of federal programs later

  • Constitutional Amendment requiring Congress to vote on rules and regulations issued by Federal Regulatory Agencies as stand alone bills before they can become enforceable
  • Constitutional Amendment clarifying that Congress’s power to regulate Commerce is not a plenary grant of power to the federal government to regulate and control every aspect of American life[ii]
  • Federal statutes limiting the jurisdiction of federal appellate courts, which would transfer judicial review responsibility, over local State objects, to the respective appeals courts in each State
  • In general, I will support federal statutes that place the federal government back within its sphere of Constitutional Authority, and federal statutes that enable the federal government to effectively fulfill its limited number of enumerated responsibilities at the lowest possible cost to you—the hard working tax payer

When looking at politics today we get discouraged at what we see, and feel that the mighty questions and problems facing our country are beyond our control. We are commonly brought to the thought that “this is just the way things work.” But rather than become comfortable in this sort of despair, help me spark a light by daring to ask the question: “Why do things have to work this way?” Together you and I, as citizens of this Constitutional Republic, possess within ourselves the power to impliment a future-focused vision for our country.

It’s time to get to work!

[i] James Madison, Federalist No. 62, Independent Journal, February 27, 1788.

[ii] Mark Levin, The Liberty Amendments, pg. 117.