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"Tyler worked for a Google and Microsoft Premier Partner. His job was to help solve business problems with technology."
​- Keith Vrotsos 


Recognize Millennial Voices

Tyler's goal is to be a intergenerational candidate. At the moment, the average age of those in Congress is between 57-62 years old. As someone under the age of 30, Tyler wants to represent new ideas and a new perspective in Washington D.C.

Make Jobs The Focus

Congress has failed to focus on empowering job creation and building a stable economy. When elected, Tyler will focus 50% of his time on legislative projects that enable job growth. People need better paying jobs to support their families.

Support Small Business

The U.S. economy is being overwhelmed by complicated regulation and heavy taxation. When elected, Tyler will advocate for sales tax exemptions when purchasing new internal equipment, investment tax credits to help all sizes of business, or a flat tax.

Fix The Education Crisis

The U.S. system of education is out of control. When elected, Tyler will support charter schools, more accountability, pay incentives for high performing classrooms, killing common core and a unique plan to solve the student debt epidemic through financial incentives and tax credits.

Economy of Innovation

Entrepreneurs and technologists are not receiving attention from Congress, yet they are responsible for a significant % of U.S. GDP. When elected, Tyler will invest his authority to voice concerns regarding complicated red-tape and unfair fees, taxes, or other idea-launch-barriers. 

Encourage Collaboration

When elected to office Tyler will not isolate himself in Washington D.C. or forget about the people who elected him.  He will strive to find areas of collaboration with congressional colleagues and he will also focus on private business partnerships that can solve problems outside D.C. 

Use Secure Technology

The United States hosts multiple Big Data programs to maintain archived records, keep track of people's information, and even predict the weather. Most of this technology is outdated with poor security and encryption, or it is not being properly used. When elected, Tyler will work with technology giants to ensure these data programs are audited, upgraded, encrypted and not abusing privacy rights. 

Encourage Space Exploration

In 2010 President Obama cut NASA's budget, which made millennials and the science community furious! Additionally, many aerospace companies filed for bankruptcy or moved jobs out of district 35. However, when elected, Tyler will support the science community and aerospace industry. He will support private companies such as SpaceX, Virgin Galactic, Orbital Sciences Corp, and any missions to Mars. 

Reimagine Infastructure

When elected, Tyler will fight to fund and repair roadways, bridges and highways. However, the future is not meant for more fossil fuel powered trains or buses. The future is meant for a enterprise ride-sharing economy. The future is for more private companies like Uber and Lyft, private mass transit like Hyperloop, and personal hybrid or electric cars like Tesla. 


"Tyler understands the consequences of the current economy. His generation faces a 21 trillion dollar national debt."

- Pete Amundson 


The U.S. National debt is headed toward 21 trillion, which means every single person in America could be responsible for over $200k. However more likely, it means the government will dramatically raise taxes on the Middle Class, which will slow the economy and destroy more jobs. When elected, Tyler will fight to decrease our spending, reduce waste, and radically reform the IRS. 


Everyone is still scrambling for jobs, especially Millennials. Our economy is weak, our GDP is not growing and companies across California are facing difficult regulatory circumstances. When elected, Tyler will work with fellow members of Congress to draft legislation that temporarily halts the collection of business tax in district 35 and also work to bring back manufacturing jobs that have left.


Our country is mathematically and technologically falling behind. Our students are not being prepared to change the world or our stagnant economy. When elected, Tyler will find academic partnerships to support new education programs in District 35 and San Bernardino County. Additionally, Tyler will fight for entrepreneurs and support their pursuit of new and disruptive ideas.


"Tyler identifies real needs and understands the means of achieving them. His philosophy is one of adaptation."

- Adam Kallin

Economic Policy


1.Innovators in the High-Tech industry and manufacturing industry are what drive an economy toward prosperity. If we are going to grow jobs, we must focus on allowing a environment where inventors and business owners are free to scale without excessive tax barriers or red tape. Congress must aim to empower entrepreneurs with financial freedom.

2. According to an article published by The Atlantic in 2015,  the Mobile App Economy is bigger than Hollywood! Apple Inc. claims the Apple App Store has created 627,000 jobs. If this is true about Apple Inc. then innovation and technological creativity must be embraced, Congress should love companies that think out of the box.

Not A Politician

"Tyler is a technologist who loves serving people and solving problems."

​- Woodrow Johnson​